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For those who are interested in mobile/wireless in general, and wireless LANs in particular, this page provides resource links about 802.11, 802.1X, and related security and mobility topics.
-- Lisa Phifer, Core Competence, Inc.

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TechTarget Mobile/Wireless Tips

Tips for TechTarget SearchConsumerization, SearchMobileComputing, SearchNetworking, and SearchSecurity include the following. For a current, complete list, visit Lisa Phifer's SearchSecurity Page.

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Webtorials Wireless and Mobility TechNotes

Technical notes on the latest in wireless and mobility, published at Webtorials:

Planning your next WLAN upgrade

Wireless networks have become pervasive, yet challenges remain. Historically, security has been the primary concern, but enterprise-wide implementations raise additional issues involving management, performance and reliability. These guides and reports explore enterprise concerns related to the benefits of upgrading enterprise WLANs to the latest 802.11 standards, offering advice and insight about how to deploy and optimize bigger, faster, more robust WLANs.

Network Workshop: Integrating Networking and Security

Today many security functions are embedded into the fabric of IP-based networks. This Networking Security Workshop offers an in-depth look at how the integration of security-related and networking-related teams, products and processes are affecting enterprise network security. To learn more about this workshop, browse the Workshop Outline. Lesson #6 covers integration of wireless LANs into wired networks:

Security School: Strengthening policies for endpoint control

This Security School lesson covers explores new strategies, policies, practices and tools that can be used to reign in unruly endpoints. Learn how to avoid mistakes, inventory your organization's exposures and apply stronger endpoint controls. To learn more, browse this Security School Outline:

Security School: Mobile device policy: How to prevent data theft

This Security School lesson covers the technologies, policy items and processes your enterprise needs to be considering as mobile workforces ramp up and security and compliance concerns emerge. To learn more, browse this Security School Outline:

Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning

This Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning program, developed for TechTarget SearchSecurity and SearchNetworking sites, lets you develop an in-depth understanding of WLAN security risks and countermeasures. Broken into four lessons, each lesson presents a security strategy in a short on-demand webcast, supported by tactical tips that explain how to apply that strategy. Lesson quizzes and entrance/exit exams let you test what you have learned. To learn more, browse the Series Outline.

Webcasts/Podcasts About Wireless

Some webcasts and podcasts that I've presented about wireless are listed here.
Unfortunately, on-line availability of these resources changes over time.
If a webcast you want is temporarily unavailable,
just ask me for a copy.

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Wireless Questions and Answers

As a frequent contributor to searchMobileComputing and searchNetworking,
I answer reader questions submitted through this site:

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Wi-FiPlanet, eSecurityPlanet, and enterpriseNetworkingPlanet Articles

Wireless tutorials, product evaluations, and the occasional news
post written for these Quin Street publications include:

Tom's IT Pro Articles

Mobile/wireless articles published at Tom's IT Pro can be found here:

Network World Articles

WLAN security content developed for NWW can be found here:

Wireless LAN Blogs

My posts to Aerohive's Networking Luminaries Blog Series can be found here:

My posts to Fluke AirMagnet's AirWise Security Forum can be found here:

My posts to UBM's The Champion Community and The Mobility Hub can be found here:

My Mobility Loop blog articles have been reposted here:

CoreCom's Dave Piscitello also blogs an occasional piece about WLANs at his personal blog.

Wireless-to-Go Product Reviews

Hardware and software of interest to mobile professionals reviewed
in my searchMobileComputing Wireless-to-Go column include:

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Business Communications Review Articles

Articles about wireless and mobile technologies written for
Business Communications Review include:

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WatchGuard Columns and Podcasts

Columns and podcasts about wireless and mobile security written by
CoreCom for WatchGuard's LiveSecurity publication include:

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Wi-Fi Security Tools List

Our hot-linked index of shareware and commercial 802.11 (Wi-Fi) security tools:

Wireless Security Papers and Resources

Some useful links to other Wi-Fi security resources that we highly recommend:

On-line availability of papers and E-Guides changes over time.
If a paper I authored is temporarily unavailable, just ask me for a copy.

More To Come...

I'll be adding more to this page, including resource lists of links to other wireless websites and tools that I find useful. Please send suggestions and comments to Lisa Phifer. To learn more about my company, please visit Core Competence, Inc..