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Technical White Paper Development

We frequently develop technical White Papers on behalf of our clients.  Visit our Technology Corner for samples of our white paper work, developed for companies like A10, AirMagnet, AirTight Networks, Aventail, Bluefire, Bluesocket, Cisco, Citrix OnLine, Covad, Coyote Point, CrownPeak, Foundry, Intel, Juniper (Netscreen), PestPatrol (CA), Ruckus Wireless, Symantec, VanDyke, Visual Networks, and WatchGuard.

Commercial Product Evaluations

Core Competence commercial product reviews appear regularly in various industry publications, including Business Communications Review, CMPís Security Pipeline, Information Security, Info World, ISP-Planet, searchMobileComputing, searchNetworking, WatchGuard LiveSecurity, and Wi-Fi Planet. Visit our Technology Corner Publications page to view our on-line articles, including recent Virtual Private Networking, Wireless LAN, and Security product reviews.

Beta Testing and Pre-Release Product Evaluation

We perform testing on a variety of remote access, security, firewall, VPN, and wireless products.  We serve as a beta site for a number of our testing clients, and are frequently asked to evaluate early versions of products.

Industry Reports and Bakeoffs

CoreCom staff has authored a number of comparative product reviews (bakeoffs), on topic ranging from web cachine and SNMP network management to VPNs, security appliances, and managed security services.  Visit our Technology Cornerís Reports page to read more.

Core Competence developed an industry report on WLAN Security for JupiterResearch, based on a survey of 300+ companies with active or planned 802.11 networks.  Visit this link to order a copy of this analysit report.

Core Competence and David Strom, Inc., conducted an evaluation of Internet Appliances to produce the Internet @ppliances Industry Report.  This on-going Industry Report provides hands-on product evaluations for Internet Appliances from Cobalt, Encanto, eSoft, FlowPoint, FreeGate, Internet Appliance, Ramp Networks, Rebel.com, and Technauts.

Strategic Networks Consulting and Core Competence provided a thorough evaluation of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) remote access router and bridge products in the 1996 ISDN Router and Bridge Evaluation, published by Strategic Networks Consulting, 1001 Hingham Street, Rockland, Massachusetts 02370.

Contact Us

If your company is interested in these product testing and evaluation services, please contact us.

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