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This privacy statement covers the site http://www.corecom.com and associated electronic mailing lists. We wish to demonstrate our commitment to our subscribers’ privacy, and herein disclose our information practices:

We collect personally identifiable information from CORnerStone “subscribe” mail messages for the express purpose of distributing our monthly electronic newsletter, CORnerStone.

We also collect personally identifiable information through our online ”contact us” form for the purpose of responding to visitor inquiries.

We do not sell our email list. A few times each year, we use the CORnerStone email list to notify subscribers about the annual conference produced by Core Competence, The Internet Security Conference (TISC). We do not make the CORnerStone list available for third-party advertising beyond the trailer ads and event notices embedded within CORnerStone issues and TISC announcements.

Our hosting provider uses industry best practices to secure our Web site and protect the information therein. Server logs may record the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of hosts that visit our Web site for use in evaluating potential attacks. The CORnerStone mailing list is recorded in an offline database and thus is not accessible online from our website.

We record the number of site and page visitors using counters provided through FastCentral.com. The Core Competence website does not employ tracking technology or cookies.

Users can report any inaccuracies in the information on this web site to the site administrator. Questions or concerns regarding this statement should also be directed to the site administrator.

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