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David M. Piscitello


  • Thirty years of experience with data and telecommunications networks and security
  • Design, development, and deployment of network protocols, routing protocols, network interfaces, public switched services
  • Development of architectures for secure extranets, intranets, internet data centers, and secure remote access
  • Hands-on experience with Virtual Private Networking (SSL, IPsec), Intrusion Detection, Firewall, Secure Email, application proxy, web server, wireless security, and other security systems


1993 - Core Competence, President
Hilton Head, South Carolina

  • Technology evangelist for MediaLive International, providing editorial supervision for online content (Loop) and conference program development (Networld+Interop, Comdex, NGN)
  • Technology advisor to privately and publicly held security companies (Aventail Corporation, Watchguard Technologies, CoRadiant Corporation)
  • Freelance writer (Business Communications Review, CMP Security Pipeline, ISSA Journal, Wall Street Ticker)
  • (Consulting) - Designed secure application access solution for multi-national economic cooperative
  • (Consulting) - Designed enterprise routing and addressing framework for 85,000 host international Fortune 100 network
  • (Consulting) - Designed secure e-business ASP to accommodate 400-1400 extranet enterprise business partners
  • Other consulting projects include design of SMB extranets, guest WLANs
    Technology assessments for security equipment and security software manufacturers: spyware, IDS, firewall/VPN, WLAN switching, web vulnerability assessment software, USB access control software…
  • As technology advisor, assisted security and broadband access companies to public offering or acquisition (Covad Communications, CoSine Communications, Intruvert/NAI, Foundstone/NAI)

1988-1993 Bell Communications Research, Member of Technical Staff
Red Bank, New Jersey

  • Design and specification of Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS) and methods for operating IP over SMDS (Internet Standard, RFC 1209)
  • Design, specification, and experimentation with SNMP-based customer network management (CNM) agents for fast packet services (SMDS, Frame Relay, ATM)
  • 1993 Bellcore President's Award for design of SMDS and Customer Network Management for fast packet services
  • Leadership roles in industry standards (IETF/IESG)

1982-1988 Unisys Corporation, District Manager, Staff Systems Programmer
Devon, Pennsylvania

  • Leadership roles in development of open systems (ANSI,ISO/IEC).
  • Author of ISO/IEC 8473, OSI CLNP, and associated network service standards
  • Developed proprietary internetworking and routing protocols
  • Managed development groups (OSI, TCP/IP)

Honors, Positions, Presentations, Awards

Instructor, speaker, moderator: Networld+Interop (1988-present), Comdex (2003), NGN (2002-present), SuperComm (1999), IPcomm (2004), e-Financial World (2004)

Founder and Program Chairman of The Internet Security Conference (1999-2002)

Member, Board of Advisors, Covad Communications Company (1997-2001)

Member, Board of Advisors, CoSine Communications Corporation (1999-2002)

Telecommunications Series Consulting Editor, Artech House Publishers (1994-2002)

Networld+Interop Technical Advisory and Program Committees (1989-present), Program Committee Chairman (1994-2003)

Member, Practitioners Advisory Board, Villanova University, 1995-1998

Recipient, Bellcore President's Recognition Award, November 1993

Invited speaker, NSFnet Advanced Technologies Seminar (1989, 1992), Advanced Computer Technologies (ACT) One Symposium (1989), Cerfnet Technology Update (1992)

Guest lecturer/seminar instructor, Information Sciences Institute and UCLA (1990), Villanova University (1993-1999), University of Delaware (1994), University of South Carolina (2003)

Internet Society (1992-2002), ISSA (2003-present)

Partial List of Publications

  • Published works online are listed at Core Competence's Technology Corner, Loop: The Online Voice of the IT Community, and Dave Piscitello's Weblog
  • "Open Systems Networking", Addison-Wesley, 1993, David M. Piscitello and A.Lyman Chapin
  • Rosenberg, J., Piscitello, D., and Gruchevsky, S.,"Adaptive Routing in Burroughs Network Architecture", Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM '87 Symposium, Stowe VT, 1987
  • Piscitello, D., and Sher, P., "Network Management Capabilities for SMDS",ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communications Review (CCR), vol. 20, no. 2, pp. 87-97, April 1990
  • Piscitello, D., and Chapin, A.L.,"Introduction to Routing", Connexions: The Interoperability Report, vol. 7, no. 9, pp. 66-73, September 1993
  • Piscitello, D., and Lawrence, J.,"Transmission of IP datagrams over the SMDS Service", Request for Comments 1209, Network Information Center, SRI International, Menlo Park, CA, 1991 March
  • Cox, T., Piscitello, D., and Tesink, K.,"SNMP Agent Support for SMDS", IEEE Network Magazine, pp. 33-40, September 1991
  • Piscitello, D., and Kramer, M., "Internetworking using SMDS in TCP/IP environments", ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communications Review (CCR), vol.20, no. 3, pp. 62-71, July 1990
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