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Xircom GSM Connection Kit

You're on the road, visiting a client site, when the urgent message arrives: corporate needs you to review a confidential document immediately. Have it sent to the nearest fax machine? Out of the question. Use your laptop modem to dial home? Good answer, but the client has a digital PBX with no plain old telephone jack in sight. Plug your laptop into the client's LAN to access your email across the Internet? But how can you be sure that your unencrypted bits won't be sniffed? Wouldn't it be great if you could just plug your laptop into your pager or cell phone, and receive that document directly, reliably, securely, right now?
If you happen to carry a PCS digital cell phone, all you need to make this wish a reality is a cable that links your laptop modem to your phone.

Xircom's GSM Connection Kits (MSRP $129) enable Ericsson, Siemens, Sony, and Nokia PCS (GSM 1900) phones to send and receive encrypted digital data with GSM-capable Xircom Credit Card modems. No wireless packet data service to subscribe to, no wireless modem to buy. We recently trialed Xircom's GSMCK-56ERI-1 Connection Kit with an Ericsson CF388 series phone and our Xircom Credit Card Ethernet 10/100 + Modem 56. We thought this wireless connectivity might come in handy while attending a week-long Internet Security Conference. To our surprise, we found it nearly indispensible...