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Wireless Questions and Answers

As a site expert for SearchNetworking, Lisa Phifer answers reader questions.
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Tutorials and E-Guides: 802.11 Wireless

These E-Books and E-Guides explore enterprise concerns regarding the benefits
of upgrading 802.11 networks to next-generation very-high-throughput standards
and offers advice and insight into securing and managing bigger, faster, more robust WLANs.

Wireless Advisor

Lisa Phifer writes about WLAN design and trouble-shooting for SearchNetworking:

Mobile Technologies and Trends

Lisa's tips about Workforce Mobility are published by SearchConsumerization and SearchMobileComputing:

InfoSec Magazine Features

Lisa is a contributing editor for Information Security Magazine:

Security Tips

Lisa's tips appear at SearchSecurity, SearchSecurityChannel, and SearchMidMarketSecurity:

Security School: Strengthening policies for endpoint control

In this Security School lesson, Lisa Phifer explores new strategies, policies, practices
and tools that can be used to reign in unruly endpoints. Learn how to avoid mistakes,
inventory your organization's exposures and apply stronger endpoint controls.

Security School: Mobile policy - How to prevent data theft

In this Security School lesson, Lisa Phifer covers the technologies, policy items and
processes your enterprise needs to be considering as mobile workforces ramp up
and security and compliance concerns emerge.

Workshop: Integrating Networking and Security

This Networking Security Workshop, developed by Lisa Phifer and David Piscitello,
takes an in-depth look at how the integration of security and networking teams,
products and processes are affecting enterprises.

Wireless Lunchtime Learning Series

This series, developed by Lisa Phifer for SearchSecurity and SearchNetworking,
lets you develop an in-depth understanding of WLAN risks and countermeasures.
Each lesson consists of a short on-demand strategy webcast, followed by tactical
tips that explain how to apply that strategy.

TechTarget Webcasts and Podcasts

Our on-demand webcasts and presentations include the following:

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Security Spotlight

Lisa Phifer's SearchNetworking series on security appliances:

Wireless-to-Go Product Reviews

Lisa's old product review series developed for SearchNetworking:

VPN Articles

A few of our TechTarget articles on Virtual Private Networking:

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