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ADC/Kentrox PaceSetter SOHO

Cost-effective and efficient remote access can be a challenge for the small or home office (SOHO). While 56K analog modems and ISDN terminal adapters might satisfy the connectivity needs of individual PCs, these solutions quickly fall short when a group of hosts are linked together into a local area network. After all, one of the biggest advantages of building a LAN is the ability to share resources such as file and printers. While not extend this economy of scale to remote access?

Until recently, SOHO's faced a steep learning curve and sizeable up-front investment when upgrading from individual host dial to LAN-based remote access with an ISDN router. But a new wave of products have hit the ISDN remote access market, aimed squarely at the SOHO. We've been using one of the first of these, the ADC/Kentrox PaceSetter SOHO, as the remote access router for our Chester Springs office for several months. In doing so, we've dramatically cut our remote access costs, and simplified network administration in the process. Here's how...


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