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In today's increasingly wireless world, nearly every organization must deal with the positive potential and potential peril of 802.11 LANs. Wi-Fi Access Points, Clients, and Ad Hoc Stations are popping up everywhere: inside and outside, authorized and unauthorized, friend and foe. Whether you are considering wireless, enforcing a "no wireless" policy, or launching a company-wide rollout, your company requires security policies, practices, and tools to mitigate wireless threats.

This guide explains how a Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) can be used within a scalable operations process to mitigate wireless threats in multi-site business networks. It identifies top business risks and the role of WIPS in neutralizing associated threats. It illustrates how a state-of-the-art WIPS like the Aruba Networks RFprotect Distributed (tm) system (originally developed by Network Chemistry) can be deployed as part of an integrated network security operations workflow. By adopting the WIPS best practices outlined here, your organization can manage wireless threats, proactively and reactively, to minimize response time, business impact, resource consumption, and cost.

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