WatchGuard Security Podcasts and Columns

From 2000-2006, David Piscitello was a member of WatchGuard Technologies' LiveSecurity Advisory Council. During his tenure, he wrote a monthly column for WatchGuard LiveSecurity, a service that allows subscribers to stay current on security issues. CoreCom's Lisa Phifer also wrote an occasional LiveSecurity column. In 2007, we started to record segments for WatchGuard's Radio Free Security podcasts. Here, we republish those materials, with WatchGuard's permission.

2008 Radio Free Security Podcasts

1 Jun 2008Podcast: What Comcast Hijacking Means to You
1 Mar 2008Podcast: Attack of the Wireless Evil Twins

2007 Radio Free Security Podcasts

30 Nov 2007Podcast: SMTP Egress Filtering
30 Jul 2007Podcast: Fast Flux and Cyberterror

2006 LiveSecurity Columns

07 Mar 2006Fireware vs. the Cookie Monster (Part 1)
08 Mar 2006Fireware vs. the Cookie Monster (Part 2)
28 Apr 2006Mix-n-Match VPNs: IPsec and SSL
24 May 2006Basic and Advanced HTTP Proxy Uses
14 Aug 2006Anatomy of a DNS DDoS Amplification Attack
25 Oct 2006Containment Security: How to Keep an Attacker In
28 Nov 2006Rootkits 101: Rotten to the Core
04 Dec 2006Rootkits 201: Countermeasures and Defenses

2005 LiveSecurity Columns

21 Jan 2005Expanding Your Small Business Wireless LAN
04 Mar 2005Beware the Backup Blues
18 Mar 2005Proactive Security through Firewall Log Analysis
01 Apr 2005Take control of Internet Explorer (or else!)
29 Apr 2005Put Your Security Skills to the Test
06 May 2005Expanding Your WLAN Reach
03 Jun 2005NTP: It's About Time
19 Aug 2005Identifying Spyware Processes on Your PC
29 Aug 2005Anatomy of a Wireless "Evil Twin" Attack (Part 1)
30 Aug 2005Anatomy of a Wireless "Evil Twin" Attack (Part 2)
19 Sep 2005DNS Pharming: Someone's poisoned the water hole!
21 Oct 2005Protecting Windows Servers against DoS Attacks
08 Dec 2005Logs offer clues to what users do

2004 LiveSecurity Columns

22 Jan 2004Future Internet Security: Predictions, Wishes
26 Feb 2004IIS Server Camouflage
26 Mar 2004VLAN Security Guidelines
20 May 2004Does VoIP Fill a Void?
04 Jun 2004Hot Spot or Hot Zone?
09 Jul 2004IP Addressing for Growing SOHO Networks
27 Aug 2004Protecting Pocket PCs
16 Sep 2004Smartphone (In)Security
01 Oct 2004Spyware: Time to Get Smart
08 Oct 2004Spyware Remediation: Not Mission Impossible
19 Nov 2004What Does Windows Firewall Actually Do?

2003 LiveSecurity Columns

10 Jan 2003Quality of Service (QOS) and the Vclass Firewall
24 Jan 2003Blocking Public Instant Messaging
28 Feb 2003Tools and Tactics for Safer WLAN Deployment
21 Mar 2003Server Load Balancing Concepts and the Vclass
28 Mar 2003End-to-End Security: Don't Overlook PDAs
25 Apr 2003How to Harden Your Microsoft Web Server
26 May 2003Securing the Small, All-Wireless Network
02 Jun 2003Foundations: What Is TCP?
25 Jul 2003A Friendly Alternative To Registry Editing
14 Aug 2003What Broadcast Traffic Reveals
23 Sep 2003Stepping Up to Windows XP: What to Expect at Your Firewall
23 Oct 2003Take the "Sting" Out of XP Performance Issues
11 Dec 2003Securing XP Desktops: Account and Auditing Policies
18 Dec 2003Securing XP Desktops: Controlling Local Use and Network Access

2002 LiveSecurity Columns

10 Jan 2002Routing and Your Firewall, Part 1
18 Jan 2002Routing and Your Firewall, Part 2
25 Jan 2002Stopping WiFi Intruders
15 Mar 2002Understanding Certificates and PKI
05 Apr 2002Navigating WatchGuard's New MUVPN Client
17 May 2002Security Parameters for Site-to-Site VPNs
20 Jun 2002Isolate Your Wireless Network on External
11 Jul 2002Anatomy of a Cross-Site Scripting Attack
02 Aug 2002How to Use Certificates with MUVPN
29 Aug 2002How and When to Use 1:1 NAT
02 Oct 2002Affordable Web Server Vulnerability Scanning
22 Nov 2002Introducing Quality of Service
06 Dec 2002Using Virtual LANs to Get More from Your Firewall

2001 LiveSecurity Columns

02 Feb 2001Automating NT Auditing, Affordably
23 Feb 2001Your First Pentration Test
26 Mar 2001Interdepartmental Firewalls: Where to Put Them (and Why)
20 Apr 2001Incorporating Your Firebox into a Multi-vendor VPN
25 May 2001Beware of Back Channels
13 Jul 2001Part 1: Deploying WatchGuard Mobile User (IPsec) VPN
20 Jul 2001Part 2: Debugging WatchGuard Mobile User (IPsec) VPN
27 Jul 200112 Steps to Secure Remote Access Using IPsec
17 Aug 2001What's that Entry in My Log?
14 Sep 2001Using the HTTP Proxy/WebBlocker
09 Nov 2001Recovering a Firebox
23 Nov 2001SOHO Disaster Recovery (The Story of Bob)

2000 LiveSecurity Columns

14 Jul 2000Security and xDSL Connections
28 Jul 2000Security and xDSL Part II: Protecting Teleworker Computers and the Information Stored Therein
08 Aug 2000Security and xDSL Part III: Firewalls and Transport Security
25 Aug 2000Security and xDSL Part IV: Virtual Private Networking
28 Sep 2000Automated NT Vulnerability Testing (on a Shoe-String Budget)
20 Oct 2000Honeypots: Sweet Idea, Sticky Business
17 Nov 2000How Mugsy Plans a Cyber-Heist
20 Dec 2000Top Security Reads for 2000

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