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NetHelper provides an integrated set of network diagnostic tools, presented as a 32-bit Windows “property sheet” application that runs under Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, and 95.  Click on features illustrated in the sample panel below to view a brief description of each tool included within NetHelper. 


The Ping panel allows you to send ICMP Echo messages (called pings) to a destination, identified by either hostname or IP address, to verify network layer connectivity.


The Trace Route panel allows you to identify the route taken by packets sent from your system to a destination to help isolate and diagnose reachability problems.


The Routes panel allows you to view the current set of network layer routes available for packets sent and received by your system, or search for a routing table entry by destination network address.


The Connections panel allows you to view currently active TCP, UDP, and NetBIOS connections, including server ports, to help isolate and diagnose network application connectivity problems.


The Statistics panel allows you to view current data link, network, and/or transport layer protocol counter values.  This can determine if data is getting through, or if unexpected data is being transmitted.


The Lookup panel allows you to map a Hostname to an IP Address or vice versa, based upon entries in your local hosts table and configured Domain Name Server (DNS).


The ARP panel allows you to view the physical address table maintained by your PC for sending packets using network interfaces.  This can be helpful to diagnose physical connectivity problems.


The NetBIOS panel allows you to view Workgroup, shared Resources (files and printers), and Name Table information associated with Microsoft Windows Networks.


Registration and About panels provide product license, registration, and support information for NetHelper.  Once you register, the most recently used panel appears by default each time you run NetHelper.


Options settings configure every tool, and are remembered for future use.  Output can be accumulated and cut&paste accelerator keys can be used to exchange results with other Windows applications.


Extensive searchable, context-sensitive On-Line Help is supplied with NetHelper.  You don’t need to be a network guru to use NetHelper - we’ve put all the information you need to understand these tools right at your fingertips!

NetHelper includes fully automated Install and UnInstall utilities.  System requirements are minimal; if you can run any 32-bit version of Windows, you can probably run NetHelper.  The Client for Microsoft Windows Networks must be installed to use the NetBIOS features.

So why not download your fully-functional evaluation copy of NetHelper today and check it out ?

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